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Implementation of the academic image processing pipeline ExploreASL in an outpatient center using IntelliSpace Discovery

Ganji, S.; Pinter, N.; Petr, J.; Ajtai, B.; Fritz, J.; Mechtler, L.; Husain, S.; Fischer, A.; Barkhof, F.; Mutsaerts, H.

The use of standardized image processing pipelines is continuously increasing in radiological research with developments in computing power, image processing, and machine learning techniques. Early integration of academic processing methods into clinical research workflow would accelerate the translation of promising novel MRI techniques into the clinic. However, the integration of such tools is both resource and time consuming. While most of neurological imaging takes place in outpatient centers, resource and workflow limitations of such clinics do not allow for the application of advanced image analysis. Here, we present the integration the “ExploreASL” into the PACS-connected research platform IntelliSpace Discovery.

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    ISMRM 28th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 14.08.2020, Virtual, Virtual
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    ISMRM 28th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 14.08.2020, Virtual, Virtual

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