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Comparison of experimental STEM conditions for fluctuation electron microscopy

Radic, D.; Hilke, S.; Peterlechner, M.; Posselt, M.; Wilde, G.; Bracht, H.

Variable-resolution fluctuation electron microscopy (VR-FEM) data from measurements on amorphous silicon and PdNiP have been obtained at varying experimental conditions. Measurements have been conducted at identical total electron dose and with an identical electron dose normalized to the respective probe size. STEM probes of different sizes have been created by variation of the semi-convergence angle or by defocus. The results show that defocus yields a reduced normalized variance compared to data from probes created by convergence angle variation. Moreover, the trend of the normalized variance upon probe size variation differs between the two methods. Beam coherence, which affects FEM data, has been analyzed theoretically using geometrical optics on a multi-lens setup and linked to the illumination conditions. Fits to several experimental beam profiles support our geometrical optics theory regarding probe coherence. The normalized variance can be further optimized if one determines the optimal exposure time for the nanobeam diffraction patterns.

Keywords: amorphous materials; coherence; fluctuation electron microscopy; medium-range order; nanobeam diffraction

Publ.-Id: 31938