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ComputationalRadiationPhysics/picongpu: Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) and Bug Fixes

Hübl, A.; Widera, R.; Worpitz, B.; Pausch, R.; Burau, H.; Garten, M.; Starke, S.; Grund, A.; Debus, A.; Matthes, A.; Bastrakov, S.; Steiniger, K.; Göthel, I.; Rudat, S.; Kelling, J.; Bussmann, M.

This release adds a new field absorber for the Yee solver, convolutional perfectly matched layer (PML). Compared to the still supported exponential damping absorber, PML provides better absorption rate and much less spurious reflections.

We added new plugins for computing emittance and transition radiation, particle rendering with the ISAAC plugin, Python tools for reading and visualizing output of a few plugins.

The release also adds a few quality-of-life features, including a new memory calculator, better command-line experience with new options and bash-completion, improved error handling, cleanup of the example setups, and extensions to documentation.

Please refer to our ChangeLog for a full list of features, fixes and user interface changes before getting started.

Thanks to Igor Andriyash, Sergei Bastrakov, Xeinia Bastrakova, Andrei Berceanu, Finn-Ole Carstens, Alexander Debus, Jian Fuh Ong, Marco Garten, Axel Huebl, Sophie Rudat (Koßagk), Anton Lebedev, Felix Meyer, Pawel Ordyna, Richard Pausch, Franz Pöschel, Adam Simpson, Sebastian Starke, Klaus Steiniger, René Widera for contributions to this release!

Keywords: PIConGPU; Particle-in-Cell; Laser; Plasma

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    Publication year 2020
    Programming language: C++, Python, Shell, CMake, Dockerfile, Awk
    System requirements: Computer
    License: GPLv3+, LGPLv3+, CC-BY 4.0 (Link to license text)
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    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3875374

Publ.-Id: 31947