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Multilevel Structure Extraction-Based Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Duan, P.; Kang, X.; Ghamisi, P.; Liu, Y.

Multi-sensor data on the same area provide complementary information, which is helpful for improving the discrimination capability of classifiers. In this work, a novel multilevel structure extraction method is proposed to fuse multi-sensor data. This method is comprised of three steps: First, multilevel structure extraction is constructed by cascading morphological profiles and structure features, and is utilized to extract spatial information from multiple original images. Then, a low-rank model is adopted to integrate the extracted spatial information. Finally, a spectral classifier is employed to calculate class probabilities, and a maximum posteriori estimation model is used to decide the final labels. Experiments tested on three datasets including rural and urban scenes validate that the proposed approach can produce promising performance with regard to both subjective and objective qualities.

Publ.-Id: 31951