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Laser-driven ion accelerators for applications in radiobiology

Metzkes-Ng, J.

Laser-driven plasmas – generated in the interaction of a focused high power laser pulse with a solid surface – can sustain electrical field strengths of ~TV/m, allowing for compact and efficient particle acceleration of proton pulses with up to 100 MeV kinetic energies on ~µm spatial scales. The particle pulses feature a picosecond pulse duration at the source and extremely high pulse currents and dose, making them an ideal tool for laboratory-scale high dose-rate radiobiology research.
At the Draco Petawatt laser source, we have established and now successfully operate a source-to-sample just meter-scale setup for high dose-rate in vivo radiobiological studies based on a laser-driven proton source and a compact, versatile pulsed high-field magnetic beamline.
The setup development and preliminary experimental results will be presented, also intending to foster collaborations within HZDR for a wide range of high dose-rate applications.

Keywords: laser-driven proton acceleration; high dose-rate radiobiology

  • Lecture (others)
    HZDR Research Talk, 14.10.2020, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Lecture (others) (Online presentation)
    3rd Laser-Plasma Summer School (LAPLASS_3), 14.-18.09.2020, Salamanca, Spanien

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