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Nanosensor-Based Real-Time Monitoring of Stress Biomarkers in Human Saliva Using a Portable Measurement System

Klinghammer, S.; Voitsekhivska, T.; Licciardello, N.; Kim, K.; Baek, C.-K.; Cho, H.; Wolter, K.-J.; Kirschbaum, C.; Baraban, Larysa; Cuniberti, G.

Small molecules with no or little charge are considered to have minimal impact on signals measured by field effect transistor (FET) sensors. This fact typically excludes steroids from the family of analytes, detected by FETs. We present a portable multiplexed platform based on an array of nanowire sensors for label-free monitoring of daytime levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva samples, obtained from multiple donors. To achieve an effective quantification of the cortisol with FETs, we rely on the specific DNA aptamer sequences as receptors, bringing the complex “target-receptor” closer to the nanowire surface. Upon binding, cortisol induces conformational changes of negatively charged aptamers, wrapping it into a close proximity to the silicon nanowires, to efficiently modulate their surface potential. Thus, the sensors allow for a real-time assessment of the steroid biomarkers at low nanomolar concentration. The measurement platform is designed in a building-block concept, consisting of a modular measuring unit and a customizable biochip board, and operates using a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor-integrated multiplexer. The platform is capable of continuous and simultaneous measurement of samples from multiple patients. Cortisol levels detected with the presented platform agreed well with the results obtained with a commercial high-sensitivity immunoassay


  • Secondary publication expected from 03.12.2021

Publ.-Id: 31970