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Manipulating the Energy Balance of Perpendicular-Anisotropy Synthetic Antiferromagnets by He+-Ion Irradiation

Koch, L.; Samad, F.; Lenz, M.; Hellwig, O.

He+-ion irradiation enables controlled postdeposition modification of layered magnetic thin-film sys-tems. The degree of modification and its depth profile can be tuned by the irradiation dose and energy.Here, we use magnetometry and magnetic force microscopy to explore the impact of gentle He+-ion irra-diation on synthetic antiferromagnets, consisting of ferromagnetic Co/Pt multilayers with perpendicularmagnetic anisotropy, which are antiferromagnetically (AF) coupled via Ru interlayers. This system showsa rich variety of magnetic domain patterns due to the strong competition between different magnetic ener-gies. We show that AF interlayer exchange and perpendicular interface anisotropy energy are graduallyreduced by the ion irradiation while the demagnetization energy is mainly preserved, which thus results inmultiple successive magnetic-phase transitions.

Publ.-Id: 31983