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PIConGPU Performance and Scaling Results on Summit

Widera, R.; Bastrakov, S.; Debus, A.; Garten, M.; Pausch, R.; Steiniger, K.; Bussmann, M.; Hübl, A.

This talk present recent performance and scaling results of Particle-in-Cell code PIConGPU on the Summit supercomputer. PIConGPU is an open-source plasma simulation code for the Exascale era. It implements a wide range of core Particle-in-Cell numerical schemes and extensions, in-situ diagnostics, and high-performance I/O. Using single-source programming approach powered by alpaka library, PIConGPU runs on a variety of modern hardware, including both CPUs and GPUs. We demonstrate that it scales from a single workstation up to the full Summit supercomputer.

Keywords: Large-scale computing; Scalability; GPGPU; Plasma simulation; Particle-in-Cell

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2020, 23.-25.03.2020, Warszawa, Polska

Publ.-Id: 31996