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Ion beam mixing of the ZrO2/Fe system

Turos, A.; Gawlik, G.; Jagielski, J.; Stonert, A.; Matz, W.; Grötzschel, R.
ZrO2 layers stabilized with 9mol% Y2O3 of 35-100 nmthickness were deposited by sputtering on 200 nm thick Fe layers on Si/SiO2. Ion beam mixing induced by 300 keV Kr ions and 1.5 MeV Br ions bombardement was studied at temperatures ranging from 100 to 300 K. Samples were analysed by means of RBS, GXRD, and SEM techniques. RBS analysis revealed important atomic transport across the ZrO2/Fe interface. The amount of intermixed atoms increases with increasing ion dose. Ion beam mixing was observed at low temperaturesw. Upon 300 keV Kr-ion bombardment the tetragonal structure of as-deposited ZrO2(Y2O3) layers was transformed into the cubic one. High energy ion bombardment produces only transformations of the crystalline structure without any visible atomic transport and the formation of the rare FeO-wuestite phase. Kr blistering was observed from samples implanted with 300 keV Kr ions to fluences exceeding 1e16 at/cm2 at 100 K and 5e16 at/cm2 at RT.
Keywords: ion beam mixing; ceramic-metalsystem; RBS; GXRD
  • Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B 148 (1999) 778-782


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