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Theory of three-magnon interaction in a vortex-state magnetic nanodot

Verba, R.; Körber, L.; Schultheiß, K.; Schultheiß, H.; Tiberkevich, V.; Slavin, A.

This repository contains the data used to determine the numerical threshold fields for three-magnon scattering in a vortex-state disk used in our paper "Theory of three-magnon interaction in a vortex-state magnetic nanodot" published in Physical Review B. 

For different excitation frequencies, we provide:

  • mumax3 simulation file and table containing the time-dependent magnetic energy for simulations where the microwave-field power is decreased over time
  • mumax3 file and resulting power spectrum for a continuous-wave excitation at a given microwave-field power above threshold
  • spatial mode profiles (magnitude/amplitude) to identify the modes taking part in the three-magnon splitting channel

Keywords: spin wave; theory; nonlinear; vortex; micromagnetic simulation

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