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Die Wirkung von sorbierten redoxaktiven Spezies auf Aluminiumoxid-Nanopartikeln bei der Immobilisierung von Technetium

Füssel, T.

This bachelor thesis studies the reduction of Tc(VII) to Tc(IV) by Mn²⁺ and Sn²⁺ when they are sorbed on the surface of alumina nanoparticles (heteroreduction). Several experimental approaches have been carried out to analyse the heteroreduction of Tc(VII) as a function of pH and ionic strength. It was shown that Tc(VII) heteroreduction is quantitative (100% of Tc is removed) when using Sn sorbed on alumina, whereas a maximum of 25% of Tc(VII) is uptaken when using Mn sorbed on alumina.

Keywords: Technetium; Alumina; Heteroreduction; Immobilization

  • Bachelor thesis
    TU Dresden, 2020
    Mentor: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stumpf and Dr. Natalia Mayordomo
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