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Interfacial Properties of Tridecyl Dimethyl Phosphine Oxide Adsorbed at the Surface of a Solution Drop in Hexane Saturated Air

B. Fainerman, V.; V. Aksenenko, E.; V. Makievski, A.; Liggieri, L.; Mucic, N.; Javadi, A.; I. Kovalchuk, V.; Miller, R.

The surface tension of C13DMPO aqueous solution drops in hexane vapor is studied using the drop profile method. The hexane was injected into the measuring cell at three different conditions: before the formation of the solution drop, at a certain moment during the adsorption process, and after reaching the equilibrium of surfactant adsorption. The surface tension values for all experiments at the same concentration and different injection situations ultimately coincide with each other after attaining the final equilibration stage. The equilibrium surface tension isotherms of C13DMPO solutions, and the adsorption of both components—surfactant and hexane—were calculated. It was shown that the presence of surfactant leads to an increased hexane adsorption.

Keywords: drop profile analysis tensiometry; surfactant adsorption; solution–alkane vapor interface; dynamic surface tension; thermodynamic model; non-ionic surfactant

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