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Guided capped particles propulsion via hydrogen peroxide decomposition under magnetic field

Alsaadawi, Yara; Heigl, M.; Eichler-Volf, A.; Albrecht, M.; Erbe, A.

Janus particles are one type of artificial microswimmers consisting of two asymmetrically functionalized surfaces. With proper manipulation, one can control their displacement from one point to another at a certain rate, clustering, and orientation. In this work, we employed capped Janus particles. The caps consisted of several alternating thin layers of Co and Pd, and sealed with a 2.1-nm Pd layer, giving a total cap thickness of 17 nm. The Co/Pd combination provides both, magnetic and H2O2 – catalytic properties for the cap, respectively. These unique properties lead to particle propulsion upon applying an external stimulus. To employ both mechanisms, we investigated propulsion under different combinations of H2O2 concentrations and magnetic fields. Since the magnetic element in the cap plays a critical role in cap orientation and mutual interaction, thereby promoting particle clustering1, we studied one particle system as well as two- and three-particle systems. Furthermore, as the swimming behavior is highly affected by the boundary conditions of its surrounding environment2, varying surface properties were incorporated during the experiments.

  • Poster (Online presentation)
    Microswimmers – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behaviour, 26.-29.10.2020, Bonn, Germany

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