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Advanced Analysis of Bubble Columns: Comparison of Euler/Lagrange Simulations and Experiments under CO2 chemisorption conditions

Taborda, M. A.; Kipping, R.; Hampel, U.; Sommerfeld, M.

The chemical absorption reaction of CO2 in a circular bubble column reactor was simulated with an Euler/Lagrange CFD method and results were compared with data from a laboratory scale bubble column. The experimental data comprises gas holdup and bubble size distributions obtained with ultrafast X-ray tomography and hydroxide ion conversion obtained with a wire-mesh sensor. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is used for calculating the fluid flow and modelling the turbulence in the continuous phase, considering the effect of sub-grid-scale (SGS) turbulence on bubble motion, and also SGS turbulence modification by bubbles. Lagrangian bubble tracking is conducted considering all relevant forces, bubble oscillation via stochastic generation of eccentricity and motion angle and consequently non-steady mass transfer via a dynamic Sherwood number. The comparison of experimental and simulation results shows very good agreement for the given data.

Keywords: Euler/Lagrange approach; bubble dynamics model; reactive two-phase flow; dynamic Sherwood number; wire-mesh sensor; ultrafast X-ray computed tomography

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