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Library of UV-Visible Absorption Spectra of Rare Earth Orthophosphates, LnPO4 (Ln = La-Lu, except Pm)

Sharma, S. K.; Behm, T.; Köhler, T.; Beyer, J.; Gloaguen, R.; Heitmann, J.

In recent times, rare earth orthophosphates ( Ln PO 4 ) have shown great potential as efficient optical materials. They possess either monazite or xenotime –type structures. These light or heavy rare earth bearing orthophosphates also exhibit an extraordinary stability over geological time scale in nature, ∼10 9 years. In the present contribution, we measure, collect, and present a library of absorption spectra of all the Ln PO 4 hosts ( Ln = La–Lu, except Pm) using their single crystal samples, to conclude that the observed spectral features for wavelengths longer than 200 nm were attributable to either Ln- or defect related centers, which corroborate the fact that they have a bandgap higher than 8.0 eV. The absorption band around wavelength, 275 nm, corresponds to defect absorption related to PO 3 centers and/or oxygen vacancies. The hosts can potentially be used to study and interpret unperturbed rare earth emissions due to absence of host related absorption above 300 nm. The information presented herein is expected to serve as a library of absorption spectra for geologists, physicists, material scientists, and chemists working in the field of rare earths.

Keywords: orthophosphate; lanthanide; monazite/xenotime-structure; absorption spectra

Publ.-Id: 32300