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Control Over Self-Assembled Janus Clusters by the Strength of Magnetic Field in H₂O₂

Alsaadawi, Y.; Eichler-Volf, A.; Heigl, M.; Zahn, P.; Albrecht, M.; Erbe, A.

Colloidal Janus microparticles can be propelled by controlled chemical reactions on their surfaces. Such microswimmers have been used as model systems for the behavior on the microscale and ascarriers for cargo to well-defined positions in hard-to-access areas. Here we demonstrate the propagation motion of clusters of magnetic Janus particles driven by the catalytic decomposition of H₂O₂ on their metallic caps. The magnetic moments of their caps lead to certain spatial arrangements of Janus particles, which can be influenced by external magnetic fields. We investigate how the arrangement of the particles and caps determines the driven motion of the particle clusters. In addition, we show the influence ofconfining walls on the cluster motion, which will be encountered in any real-life biological system.

Keywords: Janus particles; Magnetic caps; Hydrogen peroxide propulsion; Catalytic propulsion; Magnetic manipulation

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