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Specific requirements for translation of biological research into clinical radiation oncology

Krause, M.; Alsner, J.; Linge, A.; Bütof, R.; Löck, S.; Bristow, R.

Radiotherapy has been optimized over the last decades not only through technological advances, but also through the translation of biological knowledge into clinical treatment schedules. Optimization of fractionation schedules and/or the introduction of simultaneous combined systemic treatment have significantly improved tumour cure rates in several cancer types.
With modern techniques, we are currently able to measure factors of radiation resistance or radiation sensitivity in patient tumours; the definition of new biomarkers is expected to further enable personalized treatments. In this Review article, we overview important translation paths and summarize the quality requirements for preclinical and translational studies that will help to avoid bias in trial results.

Keywords: biomarkers; clinical trials; personalized treatment; quality; radiotherapy; translational research

Publ.-Id: 32316