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Fractional Quantum Conductance Plateaus in Mosaic-Like Conductors and Their Similarities to the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Kisslinger, F.; Rienmüller, D.; Ott, C.; Kampert, W. A. G.; Weber, H. K.

A simple route to generate magnetotransport data is reported that results in fractional quantum Hall plateaus in the conductance without invoking strongly correlated physics. Ingredients to the generating model are conducting tiles with integer quantum Hall effect and metallic linkers, further irchhoff rules. When connecting few identical tiles in a mosaic, fractional steps occur in the conductance values. Richer spectra representing several fractions occur when the tiles are parametrically varied. Parts of the simulation data are supported with purposefully designed graphene mosaics in high magnetic fields. The findings emphasize that the occurrence of fractional conductance values, in particular in two-terminal measurements, does not necessarily indicate interaction-driven physics. The importance of an independent determination of charge densities is underscored and similarities with and differences to the fractional quantum Hall effect are critically discussed.

Publ.-Id: 32344