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Experimental studies on bubble aspect ratio and corresponding correlations under bubble swarm condition

Liu, L.; Zhang, H.; Yan, H.; Ziegenhein, T.; Heßenkemper, H.; Zhou, P.; Lucas, D.

The bubble shape affects the gas-liquid interface momentum, heat and mass transfer, as well as the flow field around the bubble. Correctly predicting the bubble shape is challenging but indispensable under bubble swarm conditions. In this work, the bubble aspect ratio, which is adopted for the characterization of the bubble shape, is obtained through high-speed photography combined with an image processing algorithm from several experiments with an oscillating bubble plume. The results show that the bubble aspect ratio tends to be a constant value with increasing the bubble diameter, rather than decreasing as predicted by various empirical correlations developed in single bubble experiments. None of the available empirical correlations can accurately correlate the bubble aspect ratio with Weber number or Tadaki number. Among the available correlations in literature, Eo based correlation proposed by Besagni and Inzoli (2016) and Eo-Re based correlation proposed by Besagni and Deen (2019) show a better performance. The predicted values of Eo-Re based correlation developed in this work are the closest to the experimental data compared with others.

Keywords: bubble shape; bubble aspect ratio; bubble swarm; dimensionless number; emperical correlation

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