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Neutronic Modelling of the FFTF Control Rod Worth Measurements with Diffusion Codes

Nikitin, E.; Fridman, E.; Mikityuk, K.; Radman, S.; Fiorina, C.

This paper presents an assessment of three deterministic core simulators with the focus on the neutronic performance in steady-state calculations of small Sodium cooled Fast Reactor cores. The selected codes are DYN3D, PARCS and the novel multi-physics solver GeN-Foam. By using these codes, the multi-group diffusion solutions are obtained for the selected twenty control rod worth measurements performed during the isothermal physics tests of the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF). The identical set of homogenized few-group cross sections applied in the calculations is generated with the Serpent Monte Carlo code. The numerical results are compared with each other as well as with the measured values. The obtained numerical results, such as the multiplication factors and control rod worth values, are in good agreement as compared to the experimental data. Furthermore, a comparison of the radial power distributions is presented between DYN3D, PARCS and GeN-Foam. Ultimately, the power distributions are compared to the full core Serpent solution, demonstrating an adequate performance of the selected deterministic tools. In overall, this study presents a verification and validation of the neutronic solvers applied by DYN3D, PARCS and GeN-Foam to steady-state calculations of SFR cores.

Keywords: SFR; DYN3D; PARCS; GeN-Foam; diffusion solver

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    Physics of Reactors PHYSOR 2020, 29.03.-02.04.2020, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 978-1-5272-6447-2
  • Open Access Logo European Physical Journal Web of Conferences 247(2021), 10017
    DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/202124710017

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