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Post-implantation defects in heavy ion implanted monocrystalline ZnO

Werner, Z.; Barlak, M.; Ratajczak, R.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Heller, R.; Staszkiewicz, B.; Zagórski, J.

Monocrystalline ZnO samples were implanted with Co (transition metal) and with Ar and Kr noble gas ions, with energies and doses leading to comparable damage in the host lattice as regards its extension and magnitude. Structural properties of the implantedZnOwere investigated by channeled Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (cRBS), aided with calculations using McChasy code. It was shown that the damage produced by implantation does not reach an amorphization level in all cases and is produced deeper in the crystal in comparison with theoretical predictions. The range and magnitude of damaged region are comparable in all cases of ion implantation.

Keywords: ZnO; heavy ion implantation; cRBS measurements; damage simulation

Publ.-Id: 32478