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Macro to generate muon (g-2) summary plot

Müller, S.

This macro gives the status of the muon (g-2) just after the FERMILAB seminar on April 7, 2021.

The theoretical values use the different contributions as given in the

[White Paper]( of the

[Theory Initiative]( Since the leading

order hadronic contribution is dominating the uncertainty of the

theoretical values, several values for a$_\mu$ are plotted which use the

different evaluations for the leading order hadronic contribution given in

Table 4 of the White Paper as well as the White Paper average.

Keywords: ROOT; (g-2); Macro

  • Software in the HZDR data repository RODARE
    Publication date: 2021-04-21
    DOI: 10.14278/rodare.950
    License: CC-BY-4.0


Publ.-Id: 32551