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Diffusion of In Atoms in SiO2 Films Implanted with As+ Ions

Tyschenko, I. E.; Voelskow, M.; Si, Z.; Popov, V. P.

The diffusion of indium atoms in silicon-dioxide films previously implanted with arsenic ions with different energies is studied in relation to the temperature of postimplantation annealing. It is established that the diffusion properties of indium depend on the presence of arsenic atoms in the film and their energy. An increase in the As content in the region of the average projective range of In+ ions prevents the diffusion of In towards the SiO2 film surface at high annealing temperatures and stimulates the diffusion of In deep into the film in the form of a monovalent interstitial site. The experimentally observed effects are interpreted on the assumption of the formation of In–As pairs in neighboring substitutional positions in the SiO2 matrix.

Publ.-Id: 32605