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Effect of temperature and strain rate on the deformation behavior of Ti5321 during hot-compression

Gu, B.; Chekhonin, P.; Xin, S. W.; Liu, G. Q.; Ma, C. L.; Zhou, L.; Skrotzki, W.

The effect of deformation temperature and strain rate (collectively described by the Zener-Hollomon parameter Z) on the deformation mechanism and texture formation of the metastable β-titanium alloy Ti5321 across the β-transus temperature during hot-compression was investigated by electron backscatter diffraction. In the β-phase field, it is found that the deformation behavior and texture formation varies depending on Z. With decreasing Z dynamic recovery and dynamic recrystallization become more and more important. The activation energy for steady state deformation is 240 kJ/mol and 370 kJ/mol in the β- and (α + β)-phase field, respectively. The texture developed is a <100> <111> double-fiber with < 100 > dominating at all deformation conditions. The <111> fiber gets more prominent with increasing Z suggesting that it is mainly related to deformation. Flow softening behavior of Ti5321 is associated with dynamic globularization of the α-phase and promotion of β-grain formation by continuous dynamic recrystallization.

Keywords: Metastable β-titanium alloy; EBSD; Microstructure; Texture; Dynamic recrystallization; Deformation mechanism


  • Secondary publication expected from 16.04.2022

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