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Sensitivity of PS/CoPd Janus particles to an external magnetic field

Eichler-Volf, A.; Alsaadawi, Y.; Vazquez Luna, F.; Khan, Q. A.; Stierle, S.; Xu, C.; Heigl, M.; Fekri, Z.; Zhou, S.; Zahn, P.; Albrecht, M.; Steinhart, M.; Erbe, A.

The dual nature of Janus particles confers fascinating properties such as a response to multiple stimuli. In this communication, we systematically study the sensitivity to a uniform external magnetic field of isolated Janus rod-shaped and spherical particles in water confined to two dimensions. The Janus asymmetry of the particles is given by magnetic [Co(0.28 nm)/Pd(0.90 nm)]8 multilayer films deposited onto monodisperse polystyrene (PS) nanorods and microspheres, respectively. It is shown that the particles dispersed in water respond to weak magnetic field applied in in-plane direction. Here we demonstrate that a precise control of the in-plane particle orientation can be obtained for magnetic field strengths higher than 0.1 mT for microspheres and 0.4 mT for nanorods.

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