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FLEXISENS - ultra-thin magnetic field sensor for new fields of application

Makarov, D.

The Helmholtz Innovation Lab “FlexiSens” focuses on the development and application of a flexible and printable magnetic field sensors (Hall effect and magneto-resistive effects). We have developed novel high-performance magnetic field sensors on ultra-thin flexible substrates that have a high mechanical adaptability. Due to their extremely thin and unconventional mechanical properties, flexible and printed sensors can be used not only on various flat, but also curved objects. Our technology enables new fields of application, for example as wearable electronics on the skin, as smart implants in medicine or for monitoring movements in large glass or roof structures.

Keywords: flexible magnetic field sensors; flexible electronics; printed electronics

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    15th Silicon Saxony Day, 27.05.2021, Dresden, Germany

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