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Ultrasound measurement technique for the single-turn-coil magnets

Nomura, T.; Hauspurg, A.; Gorbunov, D.; Miyata, A.; Schulze, E.; Zvyagin, S.; Tsurkan, V.; Matsuda, Y. H.; Kohama, Y.; Zherlitsyn, S.

Ultrasound is a powerful means to study numerous phenomena of condensed-matter physics as acoustic waves couple strongly to structural, magnetic, orbital, and charge degrees of freedom. In this paper, we present such a technique combined with single-turn coils (STCs) that generate magnetic fields beyond 100 T with the typical pulse duration of 6 μs. As a benchmark of this technique, the ultrasound results for MnCr2S4, Cu6[Si6O18]⋅6H2O, and liquid oxygen are shown. The resolution for the relative sound-velocity change in the STC is estimated as Δv/v ∼ 10−3, which is sufficient to study various field-induced phase transitions and critical phenomena.

Publ.-Id: 32728