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Non-equilibrium boundary driven quantum systems: models, methods and properties

Gabriel, T. L.; Dario, P.; Gernot, S.

Recent years have seen tremendous progress in the theoretical understanding of quantum systems driven dissipatively by coupling them to different baths at their edges. This was possible because of the concurrent advances in the models used to represent these systems, the methods employed, and the analysis of the emerging phenomenology. Here we aim to give a comprehensive review of these three integrated research directions. We first provide an overarching view of the models of boundary driven open quantum systems, both in the weak and strong coupling regimes. This is followed by a review of state-of-the-art analytical and numerical methods, both exact, perturbative and approximate. Finally, we discuss the transport properties of some paradigmatic one-dimensional chains, with an emphasis on disordered and quasiperiodic systems, the emergence of rectification and negative differential conductance, and the role of phase transitions.

Keywords: open quantum systems; quantum transport; phase transitions; local and global master equations; chain models

Publ.-Id: 32743