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Data publication: Radiation damage evolution in pure W and W-Cr-Hf alloy caused by 5MeV Au ions in a broad range of dpa

Mackova, A.; Havranek, V.; Fernandes, S.; Matejicek, J.; Vilemova, M.; Holy, V.; Liedke, M. O.; Martan, J.; Vronka, M.; Potocek, M.; Babor, P.; Butterling, M.; Elsherif, A. G. A.; Hirschmann, E.; Wagner, A.

Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy data taking for ELBE proposal POS19101496 by Sandrina Fernandes, Rez, CZ. Role of open volume defects in irradiated structural materials for fusion applications. Measurements performed 16.3.2019 at the MePS facility.

Keywords: positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy; SIMS; alloys; W Tungsten

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