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Implementing Heterogeneous Crystal Surface Reactivity in Reactive Transport Simulations: The Example of Calcite Dissolution

Karimzadeh, L.; Fischer, C.

Both surface reactivity and fluid dynamics control the dissolution kinetics of crystalline material. In this study, we performed a 3D reactive transport simulation to investigate the impact of surface topography heterogeneity superimposed to fluid transport heterogeneity on the dissolution rate of calcite. The
model simulates the chemical reaction of calcite dissolution, solute transport, and crystal surface geometry evolution. Importantly, we introduce heterogeneous surface reactivity into the reactive transport simulation. We test the surface slope factor as a proxy value for the intrinsic surface reactivity of dissolving crystal surface nanotopographies. Experimental data sets collected using vertical scanning interferometry validate this approach. The novel parametrization allows for the simulation of surface-controlled heterogeneous reactivity in reactive transport simulations of mineral surface dissolution.

Keywords: reactive transport modeling; crystal surface reactivity; rate map; dissolution rate variability; calcite dissolution


  • Secondary publication expected from 26.08.2022

Publ.-Id: 33053