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Strain-induced switching between noncollinear and collinear spin configuration in magnetic Mn5Ge3 films

Xie, Y.; Yuan, Y.; Birowska, M.; Zhang, C.; Cao, L.; Wang, M.; Grenzer, J.; Kriegner, D.; Doležal, P.; Zeng, Y.-J.; Zhang, X.; Helm, M.; Zhou, S.; Prucnal, S.

We report the temperature-dependent magnetic and structural properties of epitaxial Mn5Ge3 thin films grown
on Ge substrates. Utilizing density-functional theory (DFT) calculations and various experimental methods, we
reveal mechanisms governing the switching between collinear and noncollinear spin configuration in Mn5Ge3.
The Mn atoms in Mn5Ge3 occupy two distinct Wyckoff positions with fourfold (Mn1) and sixfold (Mn2)
multiplicity. The DFT calculations reveal that below a critical distance of approximately 3.002 Å the coupling
between Mn2 atoms is antiferromagnetic (AFM) while ferromagnetic (FM) above that critical distance. The FM
coupling between Mn1 atoms is weakly affected by the strain. The observed noncollinear spin configuration is
due to the coexistence of AFM and FM coupling at low temperatures. The findings give insight in developing
strain-controlled spintronic devices.

Publ.-Id: 33081