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The Al Doping Effect on Epitaxial (In,Mn)As Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors Prepared by Ion Implantation and Pulsed Laser Melting

Yuan, Y.; Xie, Y.; Yuan, N.; Wang, M.; Heller, R.; Kentsch, U.; Zhai, T.; Wang, X.

One of the most attractive characteristics of diluted ferromagnetic semiconductors is the possibility to modulate their electronic and ferromagnetic properties, coupled by itinerant holes through various means. A prominent example is the modification of Curie temperature and magnetic anisotropy by ion implantation and pulsed laser melting in III–V diluted magnetic semiconductors. In this study, to the best of our knowledge, we performed, for the first time, the co-doping of (In,Mn)As diluted magnetic semiconductors by Al by co-implantation subsequently combined with a pulsed laser annealing technique. Additionally, the structural and magnetic properties were systematically investigated by gradually raising the Al implantation fluence. Unexpectedly, under a well-preserved epitaxial structure, all samples presented weaken Curie temperature, magnetization, as well as uniaxial magnetic anisotropies when more aluminum was involved. Such a phenomenon is probably due to enhanced carrier localization introduced by Al or the suppression of substitutional Mn atoms.

Publ.-Id: 33083