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The H2020 McSAFER project: Main goals, technical work program, and status

Sanchez-Espinoza, V. H.; Gabriel, S.; Suikkanen, H.; Telkkä, J.; Valtavirta, V.; Bencik, M.; Kliem, S.; Queral, C.; Farda, A.; Abéeguilée, F.; Smith, P.; van Uffelen, P.; Ammirabile, L.; Seidl, M.; Schneidesch, C.; Grishchenko, D.; Lestani, H.

This paper describes the main objectives, the technical content and the status of the H2020 project entitled “High-performance advanced methods and experimental investigations for the safety evaluation of generic Small Modular Reactors (McSAFER)”. The main pillars of this project is are the combination of safety-relevant thermal hydraulic experiments and numerical simulations of different approaches for safety evaluations of Small Modular Reactors (SMR). It describes the goals and the consortium first. Then, the involved thermal hydraulic test facilities, e.g. COSMOS-H (KIT), HWAT (KTH), and MOTEL (LUT) including the experimental programs. It also outlines the different safety assessment methodologies applied to four different SMR-designs such as the CAREM (CNEA), SMART (KAERI), F-SMR (CEA) and NuScale e.g. the multiscale thermal hydraulic, conventional, low order and high fidelity neutron physical methods applied to demon-strate the inherent safety features of the SMR-core designs under postulated design-basis-accident conditions. Finally, the status of the investigations is shortly discussed followed by the dissemination activities and an outlook.

Keywords: SMR; Multi-physics; Multi-scale; High fidelity; safety evaluation; experiments

Publ.-Id: 33120