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Berechnungsverfahren für Zweiphasenströmungen

Höhne, T.

Two-phase flows occur in many industrial relevant processes in
power plants,
chemical engineering,
oil and gas industries and others.

Reliable predictions of the flow characteristics are important for the design of the facilities, the optimization of processes and safety analyses.

Experimental results are often hardly transferable to modified geometries, flow condition or scales.

need for reliable numerical simulations
In general fluid flow is 3D Computation Fluid Dynamics - CFD

Keywords: CFD; Multiphase flow; AIAD; GENTOP

  • Invited lecture (Conferences) (Online presentation)
    Numerische Methoden in der Lebensmitteltechnologie, Biotechnologie und chemischen Verfahrenstechnik, 27.-29.09.2021, Berlin, Deutschland

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