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Evidence of collision-induced effects in particle resuspension

Banari, A.; Henry, C.; Lecrivain, G.

This study addresses the resuspension of microscopic glass particles from a monolayer bed into a turbulent gas flow. With an intermediate surface coverage, here set to about 10 % of the field of view, we report two distinct detachment mechanisms. At relatively low flow velocities, few loosely adhering particles move on the wall to eventually collide with neighboring particles resulting in a clustered resuspension. At higher fluid velocities, mostly individual particles resuspend due to their interaction with the turbulent flow. The resuspension curve, showing the remaining particle fraction as a function of the flow velocity, exhibits a strong bimodal character, that has not been reported so far.

Keywords: Multiphase flow; Particle resuspension; Collision-propagation

  • Lecture (Conference)
    35th French Aerosol Congress, 26.-27.01.2022, Paris, France

Publ.-Id: 33143