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Folding of laser-cut templates with plasmonic functionalized surfaces into micro cubes

Lorenz, P.; Yu, Y.; Franz, R.; Petersen, C.; Zajadacz, J.; Ehrhardt, M.; Lecrivain, G.; Kirchner, R.; Zimmer, K.

Functional 3D microstructures offer enhanced functionalities but need specific fabrication schemas. One approach is (self) folding of planar structures that enable to apply traditional microelectronic-based fabrication schemas and allows the cost-effective fabrication of such 3D microstructures. Following this approach we combined templating lithographic techniques for plasmonic gold patterns with laser patterning and subsequent folding of the planar structures. Hence, the nanopattern design and the cut out shape can be separated and optimized independently. The micro cubes were realized in polyimide foil which was attached to a wafer for patterning the plasmonic structures. Thereafter the laser patterning and the folding procedure follows. Two different folding concepts was studied: suction and water droplet supported folding.

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    Micro and Nano Engineering Conference, 20.-23.09.2021, Turin, Italy

Publ.-Id: 33146