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Neutron diffraction of field-induced magnon condensation in the spin-dimerized antiferromagnet Sr3Cr2O8

Gazizulina, A.; Quintero-Castro, D. L.; Wang, Z.; Duc, F.; Bourdarot, F.; Prokes, K.; Schmidt, W.; Daou, R.; Zherlitsyn, S.; Islam, N.; Kolnes, N. H.; Kademane, A. B.; Schilling, A.; Lake, B.

In this work, we investigate the evolution and settling of magnon condensation in the spin-1/2 dimer system Sr3Cr2O8 using a combination of magnetostriction in pulsed fields and inelastic neutron scattering in a continuous magnetic field. The magnetic structure in the Bose-Einstein condensation phase was probed by neutron diffraction in pulsed magnetic fields up to 39 T. The magnetic structure in this phase was confirmed to be an XY-antiferromagnetic structure validated by irreducible representational analysis. The magnetic phase diagram as a function of an applied magnetic field for this system is presented. Furthermore, zero-field neutron diffraction results indicate that dimerization plays an important role in stabilizing the low-temperature crystal structure.

Publ.-Id: 33150