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Fermi-surface reconstruction at the metamagnetic high-field transition in uranium mononitride

Hamann, S.; Förster, T.; Gorbunov, D.; König, M.; Uhlarz, M.; Wosnitza, J.; Helm, T.

We report on the electronic and thermodynamic properties of the antiferromagnetic metal uranium mononitride with a Néel temperature TN ≈ 53 K. The fabrication of microstructures from single crystals enables us to study the low-temperature metamagnetic transition at approximately 58 T by high-precision magnetotransport, Halleffect, and magnetic-torque measurements.We confirm the evolution of the high-field transition from a broad and complex behavior to a sharp first-order-like step, associated with a spin flop at low temperature. In the high-field state, the magnetic contribution to the temperature dependence of the resistivity is suppressed completely. It evolves into an almost quadratic dependence at low temperatures indicative of a metallic character. Our detailed investigation of the Hall effect provides evidence for a prominent Fermi-surface reconstruction as the system is pushed into the high-field state.