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Block model of passive seismic shear velocity and airborne electromagnetic resistivity in the Geyer area, Erzgebirge, Germany

Ryberg, T.; Kirsch, M.; Haberland, C.; Tolosana Delgado, R.; Viezzoli, A.; Gloaguen, R.

As a means of investigating the structure of the geological subsurface and delineating Sn-W-Li greisen-hosted mineral deposits in the Geyer-Ehrenfriedersdorf area, Central Erzgebirge, Germany, we collected an ambient noise dataset which was supplemented and analysed together with airborne time-domain electromagnetic data. The here presented dataset is a combined three-dimensional block model containing the following parameters:

(X), (Y), (Z) – Coordinates of the block model center nodes in ETRS89 UTM33N coordinates.

(PS_vel) – Shear wave velocity based on ambient noise data from a dense "LARGE-N" network comprising 400 low-power, short-period seismic stations tomographically inverted based on Bayesian statistics.

(logVTEM_res) – Logarithm of resistivity based on airborne time-domain electromagnetic data acquired using the Geotech Versatile Time Domain (VTEM™ ET) system and inverted using a layered earth approach.

(class_K-means) – Class labels of a spatially constrained clustering using K-means with 26 immediate neighbours performed on the bivariate velocity-resistivity 3D dataset.

Keywords: Ambient seismic noise; Airborne electromagnetics; Mineral exploration

  • Reseach data in the HZDR data repository RODARE
    Publication date: 2021-10-21
    DOI: 10.14278/rodare.1221
    License: CC-BY-4.0


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