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Electrical Characterization of Germanium Nanowires Using a Symmetric Hall Bar Configuration: Size and Shape Dependence

Echresh, A.; Arora, H.; Fuchs, F.; Li, Z.; Hübner, R.; Prucnal, S.; Schuster, J.; Zahn, P.; Helm, M.; Zhou, S.; Erbe, A.; Rebohle, L.; Georgiev, Y.

The fabrication of individual nanowire-based devices and their comprehensive electrical characterization remains a major challenge. Here, we present a symmetric Hall bar configuration for highly p-type germanium nanowires (GeNWs), fabricated by a top-down approach using electron beam lithography and inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching. The configuration allows two equivalent measurement sets to check the homogeneity of GeNWs in terms of resistivity and the Hall coefficient. The highest Hall mobility and carrier concentration of GeNWs at 5 K were in the order of 100 cm^2/(Vs) and 4×10^19 cm^-3, respectively. With a decreasing nanowire width, the resistivity increases and the carrier concentration decreases, which is attributed to carrier scattering
in the region near the surface. By comparing the measured data with simulations, one can conclude the existence of a depletion region, which decreases the effective cross-section of GeNWs. Moreover, the resistivity of thin GeNWs is strongly influenced by the cross-sectional shape.

Keywords: germanium nanowires; Hall bar configuration; Hall effect; electrical characterization

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