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Electric-field manipulation of the magnetocaloric effect in a Fe49Rh51/PZT composite

Amirov, A. A.; Gottschall, T.; Chirkova, A. M.; Aliev, A. M.; Baranov, N. V.; Skokov, K. P.; Gutfleisch, O.

By simultaneous measurements in a purpose-built setup, an electric-field manipulation of the magnetocaloric effect and strain in a Fe49Rh51/PZT composite with a sandwich-type connection was demonstrated. Using the strain measurements from two gauges attached to the opposite sides of the composite, as well as finite element modeling (FEM) simulations, it was shown that the deformation in the composite is of a bending type. Mechanical strain induced by the electric field does not exceed ∼500 ppm, which is four times smaller than the expansion of FeRh during the transition ∼2000 ppm. Applying an electric voltage to the PZT favors the transition, but the further expansion of FeRh is hindered and thus blocks the antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic transition. Obtained experimental results and FEM simulations can be used in the design of new multicaloric composites with optimal ratio between PZT and multicaloric material.

Publ.-Id: 33334