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A Small Step, a Giant Leap: Somatic Hypermutation of a Single Amino Acid Leads to Anti-La Autoreactivity

Bartsch, T.; Arndt, C.; Rodrigues Loureiro, L. R.; Kegler, A.; Puentes-Cala, E.; Soto, J. A.; Kurien, B. T.; Feldmann, A.; Berndt, N.; Bachmann, M.

The anti-La mab 312B, which was established by hybridoma technology from human-La transgenic mice after adoptive transfer of anti-human La T cells, immunoprecipitates both native eukaryotic human and murine La protein. Therefore, it represents a true anti-La autoantibody. During maturation, the anti-La mab 312B acquired somatic hypermutations (SHMs) which resulted in the replacement of four aa in the complementarity determining regions (CDR) and seven aa in the framework regions. The recombinant derivative of the anti-La mab 312B in which all the SHMs were corrected to the germline sequence failed to recognize the La antigen. We therefore wanted to learn which SHM(s) is (are) responsible for anti-La autoreactivity. Humanization of the 312B ab by grafting its CDR regions to a human Ig backbone confirms that the CDR sequences are mainly responsible for anti-La autoreactivity. Finally, we identified that a single amino acid replacement (D > Y) in the germline sequence of the CDR3 region of the heavy chain of the anti-La mab 312B is sufficient for anti-La autoreactivity.

  • Open Access Logo International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(2021)21, 12046
    Online First (2021) DOI: 10.3390/ijms222112046

Publ.-Id: 33361