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Phenylarsonic acid–DMPS redox reaction and conjugation investigated by NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction

Kretzschmar, J.; Brendler, E.; Wagler, J.

The reaction between 2,3-dimercaptopropane-1-sulfonate (DMPS, unithiol) and four phenylarsonic(V) acids, i.e. phenylarsonic acid (PAA), 4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenylarsonic acid (HNPAA), 2-aminophenylarsonic acid (o-APAA) and 4-aminophenylarsonic acid (p-APAA), is investigated in aqueous solution. The pentavalent arsenic compounds are reduced by DMPS to their trivalent analogs and instantly chelated by the vicinal dithiol, forming covalent As–S bonds within a five-membered chelate ring. The different types and positions of polar substituents at the aromatic ring of the arsonic acids influence the reaction rates in the same way as observed for reaction with glutathione (GSH), as well as the syn : anti molar ratio of the diastereomeric products, which was analyzed using time- and temperature-dependent nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Addition of DMPS to the conjugate formed by a phenylarsonic(V) acid and the biologically relevant tripeptide GSH showed the immediate replacement of GSH by chelating DMPS, underlining the importance of dithiols as detoxifying agent.

Keywords: Arsenic; Unithiol; DMPS; GSH; Glutathione; Molecular structure; Kinetics; Redox reaction; Chelation; Toxicology

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