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openPMD – API and Hands-on Session

Pöschel, F.; Hübl, A.

The openPMD-api is a library for the description of scientific data according to the Open Standard for Particle-Mesh Data (openPMD). Its approach towards recent challenges posed by hardware and workflow heterogeneity lies in the decoupling of data description in domain sciences from concrete implementations in hardware and IO. This is reflected in the openPMD standard which defines the logical structure, but not the physical implementation of scientific data. This seminar talk gives an introduction on the openPMD standard as well as the openPMD-api. Two live demonstrations show how to write and read openPMD data in Python, and how to visualize openPMD data in the openPMD-viewer.

Keywords: openPMD; high-performance computing; IO; ADIOS; HDF5; streaming

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Workshop on SAXS@XFELs and HI & HE laser driven matter, 04.-05.11.2021, Dresden, Deutschland

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