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Magnetic field assisted electrodeposition of metal on conically structured electrodes

Huang, M.; Eckert, K.; Mutschke, G.

The electrodeposition of metal on conically shaped diamagnetic and ferromagnetic electrodes is studied under the influence of a vertical magnetic field. Analytical and numerical results show a beneficial influence of the magnetic field to enhance the cone growth, which can be attributed to the electrolyte flow forced by the Lorentz force and the magnetic gradient force. The influences of cone shape, cone size and distance between neighbouring cones are investigated in detail. The results deliver insights into the feasibility of magnetic field assisted electrodeposition towards nano-structured conical electrodes.

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM 2020+1), 26.08.2021, Milano, Italien

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