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Biotechnological production of the amphiphilic siderophore marinobactin for the usage as reagent in froth flotation process

Schrader, S.; Kutschke, S.; Pollmann, K.

The consumption of metallic raw materials increased in the last years. The coverage of demand is getting more difficult, because both primary and secondary raw materials become more and more complex. To find a solution, some new ways have to be gone, like the combination of biotechnology with classic processing methods.
The idea of this work is the biotechnological production of amphiphilic siderophores for the application as a reagent in the classic froth flotation process. Siderophores are small organic molecules with a high affinity for binding Fe(III) and to form strong complexes also with other metals. They are produced by microorganisms (aerobic bacteria and fungi) and some plants. Especially the group of amphiphilic siderophores is very interesting. The hydrophilic part, carrying hydroxamate groups, is responsible for the binding of the metals. Flotation agents produced by the chemical industry with the same functional groups have already been applied successfully in this processing method. The fatty acid tail, that is representing the hydrophobic part, gets in contact with the bubble and spares additional chemicals and further working steps for making the target mineral particles hydrophobic.
The adapted biotechnological production for these amphiphilic siderophores, challenges the improvement of production rate under high stress conditions. Furthermore, this work presents interaction studies and flotation experiments of different scales of iron, copper and PGM containing ores.
The application of amphiphilic siderophores as biochemicals in the froth flotation process can change the classic processing method in a more sustainable process – the Bioflotation process. This will reduce the usage of other chemical agents. Moreover, the specific metal binding of siderophores changes flotation in a more purposeful and efficient process and is an important enrichment for the field of Biohydrometallurgy.

Keywords: Siderophores; Marinobactin; Marinobacter spp.

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, 20.-23.09.2021, Virtuell, Deutschland

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