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Hysteretic effects and magnetotransport of electrically switched CuMnAs

Zubác, J.; Kaspar, Z.; Krizek, F.; Förster, T.; Campion, R. P.; Novak, V.; Jungwirth, T.; Olejnik, K.

Antiferromagnetic spintronics allows us to explore storing and processing information in magnetic crystals with vanishing magnetization. In this paper, we investigate magnetoresistance effects in antiferromagnetic CuMnAs upon switching into high-resistive states using electrical pulses. By employing magnetic field sweeps up to 14 T and magnetic field pulses up to ∼60 T, we reveal hysteretic phenomena and changes in the magnetoresistance, as well as the resilience of the switching signal in CuMnAs to the high magnetic field. These properties of the switched state are discussed in the context of recent studies of antiferromagnetic textures in CuMnAs.


Publ.-Id: 33929