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High dose implantation in 6H-SiC
Heera, V.; Skorupa, W.; Stoemenos, J.; Pécz, B.;
The phase formation in 6H-SiC due to high dose implantation was studied as function of temperature by means of transmission electron microscopy. Two examples demonstrate the feasibility of ion beam synthesis of crystalline phases in 6H-SiC which are epitaxially aligned with the surrounding matrix. In the first example Al+ ions were implanted up to concentrations of 15 at% at temperatures between RT and 800oC. The precipitation of carbon phases due to high dose C+ implantation in 6H-SiC at temperatures between 300°C and 900°C was investigated in the second example.
Keywords: High Dose Implantation, Phase Formation, 6H-SiC, Al, Al4C3, C, Diamond, TEM
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Third European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2000, Silicon Carbide and Related Materials ECSCRM2000, Materials Science Forum Vols. 353-356 (2001) 579-582, Trans Tech Publications

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