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Crystallisation of Ge nanoclusters in SiO2 caused by electron irradiation in TEM
Klimenkov, M.; Matz, W.; Nepijko, S.; Lehmann, M.;
The Ge nanoparticles fabricated by ion implantation technique in SiO2 thin film crystallise after irradiation with high energetic electron beam. The crystallisation process depends on the irradiation dose and intensity. Irradiation with a dose above 6x103 C/cm2 results in cluster growths and above 4x104 C/cm2 in crystallisation. An irradiation of intensity below 150 A/cm2 leads to the crystallisation of Ge nanoparticles in the form of single crystals. For irradiation intensities above this value the formation of twinned and multiply twinned particles (MTP) was observed.
Keywords: nanocluster, crystallisation, transmission electron microscopy
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 179 (2001) 209-214

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