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Flash lamp annealing of implantation doped p- and n-6H-SiC
Panknin, D.; Gebel, T.; Skorupa, W.;
The electrical properties of Al, B, N implanted 6H-SiC after flash lamp annealing are discussed in comparison with furnace annealing. The electrical activity of Al is for high concentrations distinctly enhanced using flash lamp annealing. For B implanted layers only a soft enhancement is possible using flash lamp annealing but the dopant outdiffusion is strong reduced. N activated by a two step process. A high temperature short time step follow a furnace step at lower temperatures leads to a soft enhanced electrical activation compared to furnace annealing.
Keywords: SiC, doping, ion implantation, short time annealing
  • Materials Science Forum 353-356(2001)587-590

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